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Viking handmade hammer Valknut

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Viking hammer Valknut

  • Thor's Mighty Symbol: Enter the realm of Viking lore with the Valknut Viking Hammer – a potent amalgamation of Nordic hammer traditions, embodying the raw power associated with the god Thor.
  • Valknut's Enchantment: As a prominent symbol in Viking culture, the Valknut represents strength, power, and heritage. With each swing or display, forge a connection with ancestral warriors and divine might.
  • Master Craftsmanship: Forged by hand from hardened carbon steel using age-old blacksmith techniques, this engraved small hammer stands as both a remarkable artifact and a practical tool. Bestow it as a cherished custom handmade hammer gift upon the men who hold a special place in your life.
  • Authentic & Decorative: Beyond its utility in bushcraft or woodworking, it serves as a captivating decorative piece, infusing your home or reenactment games with the essence of Norse legacy.
  • Hammer Details & Custom Touch: With dimensions of 11.81 inches in length, a head size of 4.72x1.5x1.5 inches, and a weight of approximately 4.18 lbs, it's crafted from ashwood and wrapped in supple leather. Featuring the standard Valknut engraving, or customize it with a personal message. Consider adding the optional wooden box for an elevated gifting experience.

Technical Details:

Overall Length: 11.81" (300mm)
Hammer head: 4.72x1.5x1.5" (120x40x40mm)
Handle material: ashwood with gently leather
Overall weight: ~4.18lb (1.9kg)
Hardness: Rockwell 50-52(HRC)
The wooden box: optional
Engraving: have standard engraving (we can make your personal engraving on the wooden part of the handle: text, logo)

All steps involved in making this hammer was done solely with care by hand. No CNC, Waterjet or pre-cut blanks were used.

Thanks for checking my listing, hope to see you again soon. Should you have any questions please feel to contact me, I would be delighted to answer your questions.

Viking hammer Valknut from AncientSmithy
Viking handmade hammer Valknut $200.00 Regular price

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