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Blacksmith set: rounding hammer and straight peen hammer

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Blacksmith set: rounding hammer and straight peen hammer

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our hammers are meticulously hand-forged by seasoned blacksmiths with over 15 years of experience. Featuring heavy heads and flat backs, these tools offer versatility in metalworking tasks. Their universal shape allows for work on both the face and the back, speeding up metal shaping. Heat-treated work surfaces achieve a hardness of HRC 50-55, ensuring durability.
  • Customization Options: Personalize your hammer with handle engraving. Choose from various options such as names, dates, short messages, runic names, or runes to add a distinct touch to your tool.
  • Materials and Dimensions: Our set includes traditional-style square circle rounding hammer and straight peen hammer, hand-forged from W108 steel. Head weights range from 2lb to 3.5lb. Handles are available in cured and oil-soaked or boiled linseed oil-soaked natural finishes.

Technical Details:

Total Weight Options: Choose from 2 to 3.5 lbs according to your preference.
Wedged: Each hammer is securely wedged with a steel wedge for stability.
Hammer Head: Forged from durable C80W (Europe), SKC3 (Japan), W108 (USA) steel, hardened and tempered for heavy-duty use.
Handle Material: Crafted from ashwood for a sturdy and comfortable grip.
Overall Length: Ranging from 11.81 to 15.74" (300-400mm), providing ample reach for various metalworking tasks.

We preheat the hammer to about 1200°F (649°C).
Then we increase the temperature to 1450°F to 1500°F (788°C to 816°C).
Quench the hammer in the water.
To reduce the brittleness and increase toughness, tempering is essential.
We clean the surface of the hammer to expose bare metal. This helps in monitoring the tempering colours.
We heat the hammer in an oven. Aim for a temperature between 400°F to 500°F (trying to get 225°C) for a good balance of hardness and toughness.
We hold the temperature for at least an hour per inch of thickness.
Then we allow the hammer to cool to room temperature.
Testing and Verification:
After tempering, we test the hammer's hardness using a Rockwell hardness tester.
Also, we have a simple rebound test. we strike the hammer against an anvil; it should rebound without chipping or deforming.

Blacksmith set: rounding hammer and straight peen hammer
Blacksmith set: rounding hammer and straight peen hammer $335.00 Regular price

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