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Hand-forged blacksmiths hammer 5.07lb with runes

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Hand-forged blacksmiths hammer 5.07lb with runes

  • Crafted Excellence: Immerse yourself in the ancient craft of blacksmithing with our meticulously forged Viking Blacksmith hammer, paying homage to time-honored traditions and showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Rich Heritage: Adorned with elder furthrak runes on its head, this hammer embodies the profound strength, wisdom, and essence of Norse mythology, echoing the spirit of legendary gods.
  • Artisanal Marvel: Seamlessly blending artistic flair with robust durability, this handcrafted metal hammer stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring every strike carries both force and finesse.
  • Personalized Elegance: Elevate its charm with customizable engraving options on the ashwood handle, creating a truly unique and thoughtful gift. Paired with a display stand and the option of an elegant wooden box, it radiates sophistication.
  • Detailed Specifications: Measuring 15.35 inches in length, with a head size of 5.5x1.9x1.9 inches and a weight of 5.07 pounds, this masterpiece is meticulously fashioned from premium ashwood, boasting a Rockwell hardness of 48-52(HRC).

Technical Details:

Overall length: 15.35" (390mm)
Overall weight: 5.07lb (2.3kg)
Head size: 5.5x1.9x1.9" (140x50x50mm)
Handle material: ashwood
Hardness: Rockwell 48-52(HRC)
The wooden box: optional
Stand: included
Engraving: have standard engraving (we can make your personal engraving on the wooden part of the handle: text, logo)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Hand-forged blacksmith hammer "Poseidon" 5.07lb with runes from AncientSmithy
Hand-forged blacksmiths hammer 5.07lb with runes $240.00 Regular price

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